BAM Brands are the expert brand licensing
innovators of the Asia Pacific

We love brands

With over a decade of experience in brand management across a number of international markets, including the United States, Japan & South East Asia, Justin Watson returned to Melbourne, Australia in 2008 with an aspiration to apply his expertise within the Asia Pacific region.

And BAM Brands was born.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong, our team works hard across the key areas of Licensing, Public Relations & Marketing to catapult brands to the forefront of fashion, consumer brand & technology industries.

It has been our objective from the beginning to unlock the potential within brands and transcend them into experiences for their customers. Our passion for brand management is underpinned by a philosophy of subtle communication between our clients and us: we take the time to listen to your story so that we can steer you towards the path of maximum customer connection & royalty return.

Our intrinsic understanding of retail is strengthened by our strong global relationships and this is always at the core of any strategy we formulate for the brands we represent. We have global trend & foresight – immersing ourselves in popular culture, the creative process and leveraging the power of media. From fashion, design, corporate and new technology we are there to witness and foster our client’s growth.

We like good stories. Let us tell the world yours.